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Rawvelo Energy Gel




What we think

The Energy Gel from Rawvelo is about as "raw" as it gets for sports nutrition.

They have a range of plant-based, organic performance nutrition. Why settle for the same old energy gels when you can experience the raw difference? They make no compromises, because a natural product can taste good and aid in peak performance.

What's special about these?

We know that digestive issues from traditional gels are a real concern for athletes, especially when you're competing at an extremely high effort. That's why we're excited about the gels from Rawvelo. They're clean, natural (really), and gentle on your stomach. No preservatives, artificial colors, and synthetic flavoring – these gels are made from a delicate balance of fruit juices, coconut sugar, and natural brown rice syrup. 

They pack 20g of carbohydrates and natural electrolytes for an amazing real-food alternative.

How to Use It:

You can use these gels as you would any other. They're nutritional profile would lead us to suggest 2-3 gels per hour for most training sessions. They're great for endurance days and longer sessions when you want a more steady supply of natural energy.

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