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What we think

The triple threat?  We think so!  RAD Rounds are RAD Rollers inspiration of attacking the bodies needs on a number of levels (or sizes) shall we say.  Each ball comes in specific sizes to target the entire body.  All the rounds can be used on any part of the body.  There isn't a wrong answer or application on this one.  Just do what you feel is right!

RAD Roller says - "RAD Rounds have the small size and pinpoint precision to mobilize muscles that other tools can’t touch. With three sizes and three different densities, these balls serve up infinite options when it comes to tackling your tough spots." 

So be aware that when you buy these it ncludes one large, one medium and one small RAD Round.  We have also found that buying the RAD Block is extra beneficial when you are looking to get a bit more leverage and heck....even a few of us at the office aren't as limber as we used to be!  Here are some specs on this trifecta of recovery:

  • Dimensions: Large round 2.2" diameter, medium round 1.6" diameter, small round .75" diameter
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Color: Large round green, medium round blue, small round black
  • Comes with PDF guide of exercises

So I guess the question is....what are you waiting for?  Aren't you looking to take your recovery up a notch?


After our workouts, we like to make time (yes...this means you need to make time!!) to stretch and roll out the legs and back.  Don't stop there....do the neck...the feet and any other part of the body that needs some love!  We usually try and roll out 3-4 times per week if your an athlete that runs tight.  Start in very small amounts of time and work into a routine.  Your body will thank you!


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