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Two for the price of one?  These soft and comfortable RAD Recovery Rounds are always laying around the office and at home.  After some long days of sitting around or running like crazy in the warehouse your body needs that "Ahhhhhhhh" moment.  Enter RAD Recovery Rounds.

So you might be asking - how did these RAD Recovery Rounds come to life?  RAD Roller says "The masters at Yoga Medicine wanted to create a softer roller that would revitalize the fascia and build tissue resilience with a gentler touch . Research has shown us a critical element of our muscle tissue health - hydration of the fascia." Your tissues will thank you!  They thank us every time we use these "bundles of joy" as we refer to them in the office.

So what's the deal with these and how do they differ from the other RAD products.  Here's a quick rundown of what these bad boys are all about:

  • Dimensions: 2.5” diameter each
  • Materials: Pure silicone
  • Color: Blue
  • Comes with PDF guide of exercises


After our workouts, we like to make time (yes...this means you need to make time!!) to stretch and roll out the legs and back.  We usually try and roll out 3-4 times per week if your an athlete that runs tight.  Start in very small amounts of time and work into a routine.  Your body will thank you!

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