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While RAD Roller is not shy in saying their roller is superior to the "tired" technology of most rollers, we are in agreement that their tool is unique!

RAD Roller says "The RAD axle boasts a larger diameter than standard foam rollers to help maximize spinal extension and open up your chest like crazy." What's unique about their rollers and unlike most of them is that it's not flat straight across.  It does have some shape to it and for a good reason. The RAD Axle offers a "wide recess" in the middle to take pressure off the spine and help you other areas like the quad,IT, and other areas.

Oh yeah...you might be wondering - why is there a hole in this one too?  “The Rolling Pin” is their saying for combining two of the most functional tools. All you have to do is slide your RAD Rod through your RAD Axle and ask someone to roll you out!  Don't be greedy....you should offer to roll that person out as well.  You'll thank them..and they'll thank you.  It's a nice thing to do to!  Especially whilst you are out and doing all that training ...it's the least you can do.


After our workouts, we like to make time (yes...this means you need to make time!!) to stretch and roll out the legs and back.  We usually try and roll out 3-4 times per week if your an athlete that runs tight.  Start in very small amounts of time and work into a routine.  Your body will thank you!

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