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Quicksilver Scientific Quintessential 3.3




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Rapidly replenish yourself from a hard workout, travel, or illness with this 100+-year-old secret remedy of the sea… 

Are you feeling zapped of energy? Do you have a hard time bouncing back from stressful situations like traveling, training, and illness? Is your mood low and your motivation level sluggish? 

 If so, your body may simply be depleted of essential minerals. These minerals are carried through your blood (your “inner ocean”) to feed your cells but they are sucked up like a sponge during times of physical and mental stress. This creates fatigue, mood imbalances, sleep issues, and (if chronically depleted) can even start chipping away at things like your dental and bone health. 

When you feel sluggish and depleted after stress, that’s a good sign your body is craving these important minerals. Thankfully, all you need to do is to down a hyper-bioavailable “shot from the sea” to feed your cells and flood your body with the purest, most powerful mineral and electrolyte tonic we know of… 

Introducing QuintEssential, a unique pure seawater drink/packet that is absolutely jam-packed with exactly what your body craves to rapidly restore homeostasis and bounce back from stressful situations… 

QuintEssential is a great product for athletes as it helps support... 

  • Rapid hydration*
  • Stamina*
  • Muscle recovery*
  • Alertness*
  • Healthy bones and teeth*
  • Normal nervous system and brain function*
  • Protein synthesis and normal muscle function*
  • Electrolyte balance and normal energy metabolism*
  • Healthy bones and teeth*
  • The essential process of cell division*

Why seawater? 

Following the science of renowned researcher Rene Quinton, who was the first to trace our human origins to oceanic beginnings, seawater (ocean plasma) has been shown to contain the same composition of trace minerals as our inner waters (blood plasma). 

We’re all about electrolytes here at The Feed, but nothing can compete with the powerfully rich spectrum of trace elements and minerals found in this Pure Seawater extract. 

Our experience at The Feed has been that this remarkable product works well and works fast! 

Unique Benefits of QuintEssential

  • Supports your body and mind by quickly replenishing your vast internal biological terrain with trace minerals from pure ocean extract that’s an exact match to your inner waters (i.e. blood plasma)

  • Seawater is a gentle daily detoxifier while also possessing the potential to impact everything from cellular and electrolyte balance to sleep and relaxation to alertness in the brain and immune system.

  • Extracted using strict guidelines and cold micro-filtered to the highest purity and quality, so that you can get the maximum healing properties innate to seawater.

  • One dose of bioavailable QuintEssential will wash over your bio terrain, sending up to 78 minerals and trace elements to your cells.

  • Delivers rapid relief from feeling mentally and physically depleted. Just one shot can help you feel less tired, more energized, and help normalize your energy metabolism. 

  • Sourced exclusively from the depths of protected, plankton-rich ocean blooms off the coast of France and cold-sterilized to retain its healing properties.

  • New Convenient Packaging - This on-the-go friendly sachet contains the same formula as Original Quinton Hypertonic and QuintEssential 3.3. Perfect for those traveling or who do not wish to use glass.

So, when should I use it? 

You can use this product daily to maintain overall health. But the best times to use it -- when you’ll really notice the effects -- are…  
  • If you’ve pushed too hard in a workout and need to come back to normal, fast!

  • After hot workouts, especially indoor workouts on the trainer or spin bike

  • Every time you travel, it’s a must for before, during, and after flying

  • When you go to altitude, it is a lifesaver to acclimate yourself

  • After you had too much alcohol to drink, it can help rebalance you and reduce the symptoms of a hangover

How do I use it (plus what does it taste like)? … 

Seeing that it’s literally seawater,  the taste is pretty salty. Many athletes are fine to take it as a shot straight from the packet. Some prefer to dilute it first in a glass of water. Either is fine, just make sure you drink the whole glass as you don’t want to let any of that precious seawater go to waste! 

You can easily consume a few packets a day, especially in the summer. You can also take them as needed when your feeling depleted. They offer excellent support for overall wellbeing and are a must for athletes who push themselves to the limits! 

We generally recommend taking 2 to 3 packets at a time. Most people start to feel better within 15 minutes after taking it.

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