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Good hydration is hard to find, especially for endurance athletes...

The fact is, most people are chronically dehydrated, which can lead to various diseases and health issues, particularly a weakened immune system. 

Drinking lots of water is a great start, but we need more than just water to keep our bodies properly hydrated. 

We need electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, and calcium, which help us absorb and retain water, rather than just urinating it out. 

Although traditional sports drinks contain electrolytes for hydration, they're also full of sugar, artificial colors and flavors, and other unnecessary ingredients.

Quicksilver Scientific developed Quintessential Hypertonic Elixir so you can achieve optimal hydration the natural way.

Made with natural, cold micro-filtered seawater, this hydration product contains 78 minerals and trace elements harvested from seawater. 

This elixir is a personal favorite of Feed athletes. Not only does it deliver superior hydration you can feel, it also:  

  • Supports focus
  • Supports daily mineralization
  • Supports energy
  • Supports pH balance
  • Supports performance and recovery

Why We Love It

This seawater isn't just any seawater, it’s been extracted from a plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of France. It’s then processed using pharmaceutical micro-filtration to protect the delicate balance of naturally occurring, bioavailable marine nutrients. 

The convenient, single-serving packets make this on-the-go hydration supplement easy to drink wherever you are.

It’s a must-have for endurance athletes to stay hydrated. It’s also a great product to stock up on if you or someone you love becomes sick. 

All the fluid and electrolytes you need without any added sugars, flavors, or dyes. Feel the difference when you get yours today (hurry, supplies are running low!) 

How We Use It:

Dissolve one packet into your water. Use daily to support hydration, or multiple times per day for higher fluid and electrolyte needs, including before or after exercise. 

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