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What we think

Wouldn't it be great if you could turn back the hands of time? 

With the NAD+ Gold elixir from Quicksilver Scientific, it almost feels like you can! 

What Is NAD?

NAD is an energy producing molecule that can be found in every cell in the body.

As we age, NAD levels decline rapidly. This depletion triggers the aging process, such as low energy, slower cognition, and decreased endurance – not to mention thin skin, age spots and wrinkles. 

Following scientific breakthrough showing that NMN (the only direct and stable precursor to NAD) can be transported directly into all cells, Quicksilver packed NAD+ Gold with NMN, utilizing their unique liposomal delivery system.

Supplementing NMN gives the body the building blocks it needs to revamp NAD production to match those of your younger years, allowing you to de-age your body and revitalize your brain.

Not only is this supplement excellent for anti-aging, but it's also great for younger and active individuals because of it's performance-enhancing properties.

This formula can help:

  • Boost endurance and stamina
  • Increase blood flow
  • Sharpen memory and focus
  • Promote a more youthful metabolism
Quicksilver Scientific's state of the art liposomal delivery technology allows for rapid delivery into the bloodstream and uptake by the cells for fast-acting results you can feel.

This anti-aging liposomal formula mimics the body's own transport system for NMN, so it's basically your fountain of youth in a bottle! No other anti-aging formula matches this technology.

Why it Works

Don't throw your money away on a cheap NAD that just gets burned up in your digestive juices and never even makes it to your cells.

While Quicksilver's NAD may seem pricier than other NAD supplements, when you consider it's the most bioavailable NAD product on the market, it actually works out to the smartest investment.

You will feel and see the difference with Quicksilver’s NAD+ Gold! 

USA Made. All of quicksilver's products are formulated and produced in Boulder, CO

Want to learn more about Quicksilver's revolutionary liposomal delivery system?

How to use it:

Take 2 pumps and hold under tongue for 30 seconds to allow for optimal absorption and best results. It's best to take it on an empty stomach at least 10 minutes before meals.
*Be sure to refrigerate this supplement as soon as you receive, and use within 90 days for maximum effectiveness. 

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