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Quicksilver Scientific Keto Before 6




What we think

Do you want your cake and keto too? 

Then you need Keto Before 6! 

Keto Before 6 supports cyclical ketosis (the process of letting yourself cycle in and out of ketosis on a regular basis instead of maintaining a long-term ketogenic state). 

This method may allow you to experience the benefits of being in ketosis (using ketones instead of glucose for fuel. Also: burning fat) while giving you a chance to regenerate with carbohydrates for healthy gut mucus and flexible metabolism.

Why We Love It

Keto Before 6® rapidly returns the body to ketosis in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks.

This lets you have a lot more freedom with your diet while still getting the benefits of ketosis. 

Keto Before 6 supports a healthy weight, energy production, cognitive performance, and cellular regeneration.

The lipid nanoparticles in this formula offer enhanced absorption, which is critical for enabling the body to move quickly and effectively into a ketogenic state. 

Want to monitor your daily ketone levels? Keto Before 6 works best with Biosense Breath Ketone Monitor,, the first clinically backed, non-invasive, highly accurate breath ketone monitor to hit the market.

Keto Before 6 makes it possible to easily shift back and forth between glucose burning to ketone production and fat burning for energy.

Basically it will allow you to re-enter a ketogenic state more quickly with the dietary freedom you may want and need to effectively train, compete or otherwise challenge your body physically.

How We Use It

We like to take one teaspoon twice a day to get the benefits from this keto supplement. It's best to hold it in your mouth for 30-90 seconds before swallowing for maximum effectiveness. It's also best to take on an empty stomach, at least 20 minutes before meals. 

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