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Puori O3 Fish Oil




What we think

Omega-3's are a type of fatty acid that are extremely important for overall health. They play an important role in brain, eye, and heart health and can also help decrease inflammation. From helping with recovery between training sessions, to speeding up brain healing from a concussion, this powerful fatty acid is a great nutrient for athletes to incorporate into their diet. But, most of us don't eat enough fatty fish to get the amount omega-3's we need to see their health benefits, which is where this supplement comes in. 

Puori (Formerly PurePharma) O3 Fish Oil includes the highest quality fish oil for to meet your omega-3 needs. Puori uses fish oil derived from wild anchovies, responsibly caught in the south Pacific ocean. This is great because since they are a small fish, they will have the lowest accumulation of toxins. Puori O3 Fish Oil also includes a 5:2 EPA:DHA ratio (the most beneficial types of omega-3 fatty acids) designed to optimize absorption and ensure the right blend of omega-3 fatty acids.

Each Puori fish oil batch is tested by a reputable and stringent third party testing lab, IFOS, to ensure the highest purity, safety, cleanliness, concentration and stability. They use a dark capsule to prevent oxidation of the fish oil, so you don't lose any nutrients. The best part is that they use natural lemon flavor in each capsule, so there is no fishy taste or smell with these supplements.

How We Use It

We recommend taking two-three capsules daily, with food. Because omega-3's react to light, it's best to store your supplement in a dark, cool place, preferably in the fridge. 


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