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What we think

This vegan friendly protein plant booster from Puori is the perfect way to add a boost of protein to your day! This pea protein based formula was designed to help those following a primarily plant based diet to meet their protein needs. It's also fortified with calcium from sea algae, to further help them meet their calcium needs.

One of the challenges that athletes following plant-based diets often face is getting enough of the essential amino acids in the right quantities to optimize recovery and support lean muscle mass. Calcium is another nutrient that can be difficult to get through a plant-based diet, but is critical for bone health. Puori PB helps fill in those gaps by providing a protein supplement that contains a great amino acid profile, and also a highly bioavailable form of calcium.

The algae calcium, derived from fossil red algae, is naturally rich in calcium and trace minerals that are preserved through a cold processing method to help retain nutrients. The organic form of the minerals helps maximize the absorption rate, and once it meets the acidity of the stomach, will help ease uptake and digestion. Puori PB is also Clean Label Project verified, so you can trust that you're only getting the highest quality ingredients and nothing else.

What can Puori PB help with?
  • Muscle building and function: amino acids are the building blocks needed to build and maintain lean muscle mass, while calcium plays an important role in muscle contraction
  • Bone health: our bones consist mostly of calcium, and both calcium and protein are essential for optimizing bone strength
  • Digestion: calcium helps ensure digestive enzymes are functioning properly, so you can get the most from  your food 
How We Use It:
This unique blend is an easy soluble plant protein booster without aftertaste, so it can be added to smoothies, juices, or even used for baking and cooking. Mix one scoop with liquid of choice and enjoy!

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