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Puori C3 Vitamin C


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What we think

We've all heard of taking vitamin C when you feel a cold coming on, but did you know that it's also a powerful antioxidant and necessary for tissue building and wound healing? Vitamin C is an important nutrient, especially for athletes. That's why we love this new effervescent drink from Puori!

The Vitamin C in Puori is naturally sourced from goji berries, rose hip, and acerola berry. In this formula, Puori packs a strong vitamin C punch by adding calcium, zinc, and magnesium ascorbate, which are all highly absorbable forms of vitamin C, to ensure gentle absorption.

This drink not only contains vitamin C, but also zinc, yerba mate, and ginseng to help provide energy in addition to immune boosting and antioxidant rich ingredients. This slow brew effervescent drink has a fresh citrus taste and is a great alternative to sugary soft drinks or energy drinks. Clean Label Project certified, you can trust that Puori C3 is free from unnecessary ingredients.

  • Vitamin C 1000mg

  • Zinc 8mg

  • Yerba Mate Leaf extract 50mg

  • Gingko Biloba Leaf extract 3mg 

How We Use It

Add one effervescent tablet to a glass of water and allow it to dissolve for 6-10 minutes. Enjoy whenever you need a boost of energy, want to ward off a cold, or during periods of heavy training to stay healthy!


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