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The secret to never getting hangry (and eating greasy, sugary junk in desperation) again!

Have you ever had your healthy-eating intentions thwarted because of poor planning?

Maybe you skipped breakfast to rush out the door, or forgot to pack enough food for a day on the trails. If you’re a parent, you’ve definitely found yourself in a pinch with a car full of hungry, whining kids. And, let’s face it, we’ve all had those times at the end of a long day that we’ll do anything to avoid cooking and dishes… so we grab something terrible for us instead (looking at you, 🍕)...  

With greasy fast food joints and sugar-spiked candy bars waiting for you on every street corner, we end up chomping on toxic junk (followed by that awful feeling of guilt and regret) just because we’re starving, tired, or out of time.

BUT, with just a little planning (like clicking the Add-To-Cart button right now! 😉), you can avoid unhealthy food choices for good. That’s because ProBar Meal Bars will come to your rescue no matter when or where you find yourself hangry and deliriously close to making a poor food choice. 

They are the perfect grab and go option for everyone in the whole family and are a long time fav of the health-minded community, saving many an athlete, busy mom, or tired exec from the guilt and regret that comes with eating a super unhealthy meal. Why not let them come to your rescue too?

WHY ProBar Meal Bars? 

There are lots of meal bar options out there- so why choose ProBar?

Because they’re absolutely delicious, wholesome and satisfying. They’ll keep you full for hours and kids love them too, even most picky eaters.

These bars are full of fruits, nuts, and seeds and make a nutrient-dense, on-the-go nutrition bar that can be eaten for breakfast, as a quick lunch while out running errands, on the trails, or anytime you’re just too dang tired to cook. 

They taste great and are packed full of high-quality ingredients to give you a good balance of healthy fats, whole grains, and plant-based protein to start your day and/or keep it going.

Each bar is gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO verified, USDA certified organic, soy-free, dairy-free and kosher. Made with sustainably sourced, whole food ingredients, these bars make a great on-the-go meal for when you just don't have the time or motivation to cook something.

One of our favorite things about the bars is that you can see the actual ingredients- chunks of fruit, nuts and grains, so you can TELL they are REAL food and not processed junk. In the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar, for example, you can literally see the whole nuts and bits of chocolate. It’s not what you expect from an energy bar. Probar raises the bar.

The Feed’s Fave: Chocolate Coconut, Whole Berry Blast, Superfruit Slam

How We Use It

We like to have one of these bars on our way out the door on a busy morning when we just don't have time to make breakfast. It also works for a mid-day snack if you're training heavily and need more calories, or for lunch if you forgot to pack one. Keep them stashed in your car or hiking bag so that you are prepared and at zero risk of making a hangry decision you’ll regret. Feel good. Feel full. 

Why Buy From The Feed? 

Did you know that The Feed is one of the only places that offer ALL your favorite sport’s bars and drinks in single packs as well as bulk? This means you can mix and match a variety of flavors and not get stuck with a whole box of something that you grow tired of or decide you really don’t like after all. 

Even more importantly, everything from The Feed is guaranteed fresh! One of the biggest complaints you’ll see on Amazon is problems with freshness and concerns over quality (one Amazon customer even received a box of ProBars wrapped in Christmas paper... in October. Another a box that smelled like trash... Ew!!)

Look, we know you care about your health or you wouldn’t be here. So don’t put it at the risk of anonymous sellers buying leftover merchandise that’s ready to expire. Get your fuel at The Feed and enjoy Guaranteed Freshness and quality! 

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