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Pretty Great Instant Cold Brew




What we think

This cold brew is a game-changing instant coffee.

It’s one of the only instant-style coffees made with the intention of being cold brew. They use a single-origin Brazil coffee that delivers a chocolatey, less acidic taste perfectly suited for cold or room-temperature water. We love how easy and, yet, how tasty this coffee is. It’s not just an instant coffee, it’s pretty great coffee. Enjoy a smooth, cold pick-me-up on your next summer adventure.

Each box comes with five instant coffee packets. Each packet is the equivalent of two espresso shots…enjoy!

Perfectly brewed. Barista quality.

This instant coffee is brewed perfectly, then freeze-dried. Beautifully simple.

All natural. No chemicals.

We keep things clean and healthy. It's pretty great.

Easy to make. Easy to take.

Simply mix with 10-12oz of hot or cold water or milk. Small, light, and packs well.

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