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Powerbar Powergel Shots


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What we think

PowerBar is back.

An athlete favorite since 1996, PowerBar is back at The Feed! These gummy chews are a great way to get in some fast absorbing carbohydrates to top off energy stores during exercise. Perfectly portioned, 5 chews contains the same nutrition as one gel, so they make it easy to customize your nutrition to meet your unique needs and keep things fun.

Like the gels, these chews contain PowerBar's unique C2Max technology: a dual source carbohydrate mix that contains a scientifically developed 2:1 ratio of glucose to fructose. These carbs use two different pathways in the body to be absorbed, so you get the energy you need to keep going more quickly and efficiently. 

PowerBar Shots come in unique flavors and contain a liquid filling, which makes it easier to chew them during activity. One of our favorite things about these chews is that they come in a resealable bag, making it easy to keep them fresh while perfectly portioning them during a long ride or run.

All of PowerBar's products (produced in Germany) are registered by the Cologne List, which ensures that they are tested and free of banned substances. 

How to use it:

Each bag of PowerBar Shots contains 48 grams of carbs, so we like to have one per hour by eating 5 chews every 30 minutes. Be sure to combine with fluids for optimal absorption and fuel delivery.

We also like to use the caffeinated ones (like Cola) for the second half of our workouts or races to help ward off fatigue.


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