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PowerBar, an athlete favorite since 1996, is back at The Feed! This gel is great for fast absorbing carbohydrates during endurance exercise, and is slightly different from their Original formula. The Powergel Hydro contains water and fruit juice concentrates, so it doesn't require you to take it with water and has a much thinner consistency (basically water), making it ideal for runners or those who prefer a more liquid gel. 

These gels also contain PowerBar's unique C2Max technology, a dual source carbohydrate mix that contains a scientifically developed 2:1 ratio of glucose to fructose. These carbs use two different pathways in the body to be absorbed, so you get the energy you need to keep going more quickly and efficiently. Sodium is also included in this formula, which helps with fluid and fuel delivery.

These gels come in 2 great flavors, all of which contain caffeine (except the orange flavor), and are vegan friendly. The Mojito flavor contain 50 mg of caffeine.  Their innovative packaging is easy to open and helps reduce littering through Trash Chain, a program where you can return your used wrappers to them to be recycled. 

All of PowerBar's products (produced in Germany) are registered by the Cologne List, which ensures that they are tested and free of banned substances. 

How We Use It:

We like to use these for marathons, ultra-races, or technical/hilly sections of bike races where it is more difficult to drink water while taking a gel. Aim for one gel every 30-45 minutes. With the caffeinated gels, it's best not exceed 400-500mg in a day, so alternate with non-caffeinated flavors as needed to avoid going over that limit.

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