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Polar Bottle Kid's Insulated Fireworks



What we think

The first thing you’re going to say when you receive this bottle is “it’s adorable! “. Then your kid is going to snag it and start sipping away. What better way to keep your kids hydrated than giving them a bottle they LOVE and want to keep by their side all day.

It’s just the right size and height for your kid’s bike cages and lunch boxes. It also has indented finger grooves to make it easier for those tiny little hands to grip and hold the bottle. 

Why do we love this?

If you’re into riding, chances are you know how hot days can suck the cold from your beverage over time. Keeping bottles cool can be both more enjoyable and more beneficial, from a performance standpoint. Cold beverages hit the stomach and trigger your brain to "chill out".

Kid’s Insulated has a bright and colorful kid-friendly design that includes Tri-Layer insulation to keep their liquids cool twice as long, for those longer activity days! It also has an easy drink sport cap, that makes for quicker hydration. 

How to use it:

There’s nothing better than sipping on cool water or mix hours after it’s poured, especially during/after a hard workout. This is great for those long rides or stashing away for later. 

Whether your kid is a pro biker or a master at duck duck goose, staying hydrated is key to maximum performance!


  • Capacity - 350ml - 12fl oz
  • Dimensions - 180mm x 69 mm/ 7.1 in x 2.75 in
  • Weight - 113g/ 4oz
  • Materials - LDPE, TPU Valve

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