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PILLAR Performance Immune C Sample


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Don't let a cold keep you down.

PILLAR Performance quickly became an athlete favorite for supporting their recovery and restful sleep with the Triple Magnesium. Now they've taken immune support to that same level.

Delivering a high-strength dose of vitamin C (1000 mg), with vitamin D3 (1000 IU) and zinc, Ultra Immune C provides immediate support to the immune system to reduce the duration and severity of symptoms associated with the common cold.

PILLAR Ultra Immune C Samples 

Ultra Immune C helps to address the specific immunity challenges associated with run-down athletes, as well as those struck down with illness during the colder, winter months. This powerful immunity-boosting formula is delivered in a light powder with a delicious tropical twist. Just like the Triple Mag., it makes supplementing a treat.

You get 4 samples of this to test out during your next "bleh" feeling week.


  • Contains high dosage vitamin C: 1000 mg.
  • 1000 IU of vitamin D3 + 15 mg of zinc in each serving.
  • Tasty tropical flavor.
  • Supports Immune system health & function
  • Antioxidant

When's the best time to take Ultra Immune C for performance outcomes?

PILLAR suggests taking it at the very first sign of illness to give you the best chance of reducing both the length and severity of any cold or related ailment. Also, many professional athletes cycle onto this supplement when training load is extremely high (e.g preseason) as a precautionary measure for compromised immunity.

How to Use It:

Take one (1) scoop per day with water or juice or as directed by your healthcare professional. Zinc and Vitamin C are both water soluble so can be taken on an empty stomach, it’s also best to avoid taking this around any meals or drinks containing dairy.

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