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What we think

The Old School Trick with New School Science 

Pickle Juice Shot. Yes...you read that correctly. We have to admit, we never thought we'd sell a Pickle Juice Shot at The Feed, but it turns out that this might be the simplest and most effective way for you to stop cramps while exercising.

Contrary to what you might think, there's no actual evidence that electrolytes alone will stop cramping. However, the evidence is piling up that Pickle Juice Shots do stop cramps.

Why do we love this?

Cramps are probably the most feared outcome for endurance athletes, and until recently, we really haven't had a good solution for preventing or stopping them. Many athletes cramp during training or events despite training well and eating perfectly. If an athlete who cramps could avoid cramping or stop their cramping quickly...that'd be the holy grail of race day hacks!

All of that said, we'll freely admit that drinking a Pickle Juice Shot might not taste good...in fact, you might think it's down right gross. However, we can guarantee you're going to want once of these shots the next time you're cramping and can't keep going.  

Pickle Juice says - “Pickle Juice is the only product on the market scientifically proven to stop muscle cramps. A cramp happens because it is the neurological response to a physiological problem. Whether you are missing something from your diet, exhausted from exercise, or dealing with poor circulation..."

What's in it?

"Pickle Juice uses a proprietary grain and blend of organic vinegar that blocks that nerve signal being sent from brain to muscle. Not only will Pickle Juice stop you from cramping immediately, but it will help you recover with our blend of vitamins and minerals.”

Athletes can either use this shot immediately before or during exercise...or both as needed. As with any product, we strongly recommend that you test this product in training before using during a key event. 

How to use it:

We don't love the taste but we love how effective the product is at reducing cramping. We suck one down before long, hot, hard training and racing days. We haven't found a better way to get those electrolytes.


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