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What we think

The secret to a better recovery may surprise you…

Protein Recovery drinks are nothing new. What is new? Osmo’s unique approach.

By adding in just a little bit of one ingredient and completely removing another, they’ve tweaked a recovery formula that accelerates glycogen replacement by 66% and ensures you aren’t inadvertently blocking your gains.

Here’s how it works

Designed to enhance recovery during that all-important Golden Window of about an hour after exercise, Rapid Recovery by Osmo is a unique formulation of proteins, carbs, and… caffeine.

Why caffeine? Well, the small amount of caffeine with carbs and protein has been shown to accelerate glycogen replacement by 66% over carbs and protein alone.

Aside from this *secret* ingredient, Rapid Recovery uses two different proteins: whey isolate and micellar casein, which have both been proven to stop muscular breakdown after exercising. The reason for combining these two is because whey is fast-acting, and casein is long-lasting. By consuming both, you're giving your muscles amino acids they can utilize over several hours for optimal muscle repair. This combination has been shown to be extremely effective!

And what is it that Osmo Rapid Recovery purposely leaves out that many other recovery drinks include?


Now, I know this sounds counterintuitive! We hear all the time about how antioxidants are the savior of all physical ills and biological stressors! And, for sure, they are amazing -- generally speaking, the more, the better.

BUT (and this is a big but), research shows that consuming antioxidants within three to five hours after exercising may actually prevent you from gaining all the adaptations you worked so hard for. This is because antioxidants reduce your body’s ability to adapt in response to the stress you just experienced. To make gains, our bodies have to adapt to the stress. For this reason, Osmo leaves the antioxidants out of its recovery drink.


  • Rapid Recovery is designed to maximize the effects of your workout and nurture your body.
  • Accelerates glycogen restoration
  • Enables muscle repair
  • Helps your body adapt to exercise and become stronger over time

How To Use:

Drink Rapid Recovery within 30 minutes of finishing exercise to maximize the benefits of your workout and nurture your body. Mix it up with water or your choice of milk (including chocolate!) for a delicious recovery drink. Relax and enjoy.

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