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Osmo Nutrition Power Fuel




What we think

Power Fuel is a unique addition to the lineup of long-time nutrition leader Osmo Nutrition, providing versatility to your nutrition plan.

What's so new?

Power Fuel is a "stackable" liquid fuel mix packed with easy-to-digest carbohydrates.

It has a neutral flavor and can be mixed with water, any flavor of Osmo Active Hydration, or Rapid Recovery to give you the addition of carbs you need, when you need them. One serving of Power Fuel provides 40g of carbs and 410mg of sodium, with both regular and caffeinated options (50mg of caffeine).

How to Mix It:

Power Fuel provides roughly 20g of carbs + 200mg of sodium per scoop. So, you can customize your fueling as needed to match the effort on hand or improve recovery. 

Power Fuel + Rapid Recovery
Carbohydrates and sodium are key in the post-exercise window to restore glycogen and sodium lost through sweat. Add a serving of Osmo Power Fuel to Rapid Recovery after hard days to bump up your carbohydrate replenishment. 

Power Fuel + Active Hydration
Unlike other liquid fuel products, Osmo encourages you to mix Active Hydration and Power Fuel to increase carbohydrates when you need it. When you have big days on the training plan, add a serving of Power Fuel to improve your fueling strategy.


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