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Always be "gearing".  That's our motto!  If you know anything about us we are are obsessed with gear.  Can't get enough of it!  Orange Mud has been on our radar for a few years now and it's a staple in our gear closet when we go out on any adventure.  

Orange Mud says "The fit is awesome for mountain biking, running, and obstacle course racing. It's designed to hold the essentials and not much more.  The soft flask holder up front is great for 450ml and 600ml soft flasks (stock pack comes with a 450ml).  The pocket on the outside of it holds your smart phone wonderfully. On the right side is a shoulder pocket for electrolytes and backup nutrition. On the left side is a dust cover for the bite valve (our OCR people will dig that!). The back has shock cord to hold a jacket, and a small pocket perfect for small bags and sticks of nutrition."  Is there anything they missed on this pack?  We think not!  Killer adventure bag that let's you get on it and out the door!

Sizing on these is critical and here are some ideas on how to size it appropriately: Less than a 40" chest diameter, size S/M. 41" to 54" size L/XL.

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