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Omius Visor w/20 Cooling Pieces




What we think

Omius has developed a revolutionary line of cooling gear that is designed to do one thing: enhance performance (and comfort) in the heat. 

You may be asking yourself “why should this be a main focus?” The reason is due to the fact that heat can affect performance in a variety of ways. This includes decreasing how hard we can push due to overheating as well as not being able to take in enough energy/hydration to compensate for the effort we are putting out and the sweat we are losing in the warmer temperatures. In warmer conditions as our body temperature increases, our needs go up, but in many cases, even if we wanted to, there is so much fuel and hydration we can take in, so we may not be able to adequately refill the tank to support the workload!

As a result, a rising core temp is one of the biggest limiters in endurance sports. Enter Omius. This headgear works to cool you down, ultimately allowing you to push harder and further.

Omius Visor w/20p

The Visor comes in black or white options to suit your style, as well as 20 cooling pieces. It’s a cool “runner’s version” of their headgear. These are adjustable and come in at a light 90g.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable for different head sizes
  • Replaceable cooling pieces
  • Available in Black and White
  • Weight 93g (3.3oz)
  • 20 cooling pieces

How does the technology work?

Omius works by using what we’d call “passive cooling”. It’s designed with a silicon grid that securely holds the cooling pieces in place (let’s hear it for the real MVP here). The cooling pieces are a graphite material that sits atop the headgear.

Using science, and the power of evaporation, sweat is absorbed into the cooling pieces. This creates a whopping 500% increase in surface area for evaporation. As a result of this increase in surface area when the sweat is pulled into the cooling pieces, there is a significant cooling effect.

What sets Omius apart is that its cooling effect relies solely on water (sweat) evaporation. You essentially power it yourself. You won’t run out so long as you’re still working hard and sweating! Essentially, as long as the cooling pieces remain wet and have airflow across them, the cooling process will continue indefinitely. No freezing, charging, or work required. The easiest method to keep you effortlessly cool as you train and race hard. 

Their cooling pieces are easily replaceable and transferable too, meaning you can swap them between different Omius products to take them wherever you go.

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