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All the benefits of coffee, with ‘Nuun’ of the shortcomings…. 

If you’re looking for a clean energy boost that has a long-lasting effect without jitters or crashes… that INCREASES your hydration instead of reducing it AND tastes super refreshing with a bit of fizz…   then you’ll want to try the latest hydration drink from Nuun… 

Introducing Nuun Energy… 

Your new go-to in the morning after your coffee or in lieu of, you will get meaningful energy and focus boost with only 2g of sugar, 20mg of Ginseng, and 80mg of Caffeine. 

A clean energy boost with a lasting lift

Nuun Energy jumpstarts mind and body with a proprietary plant-based energy ingredient blend.

Who is Nuun? 

Nuun is a well-known pioneer in the hydration space. They were one of the first brands to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates, eliminating unnecessary sugar and additives and allowing you to get pure hydration -- fast.  They included only top-notch ingredients and continue to make some of the best-tasting hydration products on the market, especially if you're a fan of fizz! 

What Makes Nuun Energy Special? 

  •  A clean energy boost with a lasting lift

  • A refreshing energy blend to recharge your body and mind

  • Convenient tablets (no powder, no scooping) that dissolve on their own without having to shake -- just drop into your water bottle, wait about 4 minutes to dissolve, and delicious hydration plus focus and energy are yours -- ZING! 

  • Fizzy, tasty, and loaded with electrolytes

  • 20 mg of Panex Ginseng for focus, memory, energy, and overall wellness

  • Caffeine PLUS L-theanine in the form of green tea extract for clean, stable energy that lasts without the ‘crash’.

  • Blend of B12 and B6 vitamins to support cellular energy

  • Extra ‘oomph’ for any adventure

  • BONUS: Enjoy guilt-free hydration as Nuun is a climate-neutral certified company!

  • Vegan, Gluten-free, Kosher, Informed Choice, Non-GMO

When To Use Nuun Energy

Nuun Energy is all boost and no crash. It’s made with clean ingredients that you can sip throughout the day without worrying about jitters and crashes. Perfect for your pre-adventure pump-up, as a refreshing substitute for your morning coffee or midday pick-me-up.

Made with clean ingredients and available in 4 tasty flavors:

Berry Blast 

Ginger Lime Zing 

Watermelon Burst 

and Tropical Punch 

Nuun Energy is perfect for daily use, whenever you need a lasting lift. It has a special blend of adaptogens and B-Vitamins to give you the focused, sustained energy you need to rock your workout or your workday.

Feed Fav: Watermelon Burst 

How To Use It: 

1. Drop a flavored Nuun Energy tablet of your choice into 16oz of water.

2. Wait up to 4 minutes for the tablet to dissolve.

3. Sip and savor or gulp and go.

4. Zing!


“The caffeine boost in Nuun energy is very useful for me when I need a quick hydrating pre-workout. I also like how it has adaptogens for an increased energy level. I feel the greatest difference when I have it in the morning.” -- Dawn 

“I've tried all of your flavors and I have to say this is the best batch so far. The tropical is fantastic and is a great blend. It doesn't lean too heavily on your typical tropical flavors, mango and pineapple. . The ginger-lime reminds me of Moscow mule. The berry isn't too tart or too reminiscent of strawberry. And the watermelon isn’t sickly sweet like most things flavored like that. This is why I keep buying your stuff. “ -- Terence D

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