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What we think

Nuun Sport Hydration is an electrolyte-enhanced drink tablet that is designed to replace electrolytes lost during exercise and keep you hydrated.

These tablets are also great for hydrating throughout the day by adding some excitement and flavor to your water without the excess sugar you find in the average sports drink. We don't want to be sipping those all day...

This is a perfect solution: effective hydration with minimal sugar, additives, and "etc."

Did someone say options?

It comes in 14 different flavors so you're sure to find something you like. The effervescent bubbles add a little sparkle to your bottle, which can help with stomach upset from intense exercise. 

All tablets are gluten free, vegan, informed choice, and contain non-geo sourced dextrose. It comes in individual tubes that are great for carrying with you on longer rides or runs. Just pop one into 16 oz. of water and all of your hydration needs are covered!

The Feed's Fave: Lemon Lime

How to use it:

These are great for meeting any and all of your on-the-go hydration needs. Throw one of these convenient tubes in your gym bag, backpack, or suitcase and never be without adequate hydration again.

The more you sweat and the longer you exercise, the more electrolytes you lose. So, for longer duration training, drink 1-2 servings per hour of intense exercise to optimize hydration and prevent cramping.

Which Nuun Is Right For You: Nuun Active:

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