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Northern Coffeeworks Boundary Waters Blend




What we think

A short time ago one of our team was in Minnesota for a work event and happened to stop by this gem of a cafe. If you are anything like us you are always craving the best coffee. Meet Northern Coffeeworks.  

Northern Coffeeworks has a mission that is simple: "Serve amazing, wholesome, and sustainably sourced coffee and food, in a space that reflects the beautiful scenery of our home state of Minnesota. We want to build community in the great city in which we live, and leave people happier than when they walked through the door."

Well in this case you won't be walking through their door.....but you'll be able to feel as if you were in their remarkable cafe. 

Northern Coffeeworks has seven phenomenal blends and they all are staples in our pantry. 

Boundary Waters Blend

Current selection: A Mexico from Sierra Azul Cooperative in El Triunfo Biosphere, the most diverse evergreen cloud forest in Mexico. Each coop member is trained on estabilishing nurseries and best pruning practices for coffee quality and longevity.

We taste: candied pecans, nougat, black currant & soft citrus
Roast: Medium
Process: washed

Lady’s Slipper

A striking and special coffee for the adventure-lover. Named for MN’s state flower, this profile pairs complex, bright acidity with a dependable, down-to-earth sweetness and smooth, silky body.

Current selection: A washed Ethiopia from Idido Yirgachefe with heirloom varietals.
We taste: lemon, green grape, jasmine tea, apple juice
Roast: light
Process: washed

Cabin Vibes

The most comforting brew. Always sourced Direct and/or FTO. Great for cold brew.

Current selection: A Guatemala purchased direct from Café Palmira. This lot was grown in Huehuetenango by the Palacios family, who have been farming coffee for three generations. Hand-selected cherries are shipped straight to MN after processing.

We taste: dark chocolate, candied apples, peanut butter, pomegranate
Roast: medium
Process: washed

Costa Rica

A spectacular coffee that knows how to have fun. A tapestry of flavor grown on one of the highest elevation farms in Tarrazú. Maira Solis Ureña has been growing coffee her entire life and is currently experimenting with different fermentation processes alongside her family at Alto El Vapor Micromill.

We taste: raspberry jam, fudge, lime zest, elderflower
Roast: light to medium
Process: honey anaerobic

Evergreen Espresso

A timeless, versatile, well-rounded blend that’s also suitable for drip, pour-over, or any outdoor adventure.

Current selection: A natural Colombia from the Manos Juntas Micromill, a pulp natural from Brazil’s women produced Donas do Café, and our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido.
We taste: strawberry, orange, cocoa, toffee, macadamia nut
Roast: light
Process: washed & natural

Tanzania Peaberry

A truly singular single origin with big flavor and a body like a brick house. This lot of native peaberry varietals, partially derived from Bourbon, was harvested by smallholder farmers in Tanzania's southern highlands. Expect bright acidity, rich sweetness, and a luscious mouthfeel.

We taste: apricot, cinnamon buns, caramel
Roast: medium light
Process: washed

Manos Juntas Natural Colombia

A sweet and floral fruit bomb with a syrupy heft. A collaboration between eight local, smallholder producers and the Banexport Manos Juntas Micromill. The coffee is fermented and dried in the cherry in a multi-stage process lasting one to two months.

We taste: strawberry, lemon-lime, cocoa, toffee, white wine
Roast: light medium
Process: natural



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