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Nathan Strobelight



What we think

We're excited to have these little guys on The Feed!

Nathan not only brings nice, ergonomic everyday packs, but also this lightweight, super bright LED strobe. 

These easily clip on your clothes, pack, and more. Built to last, this light is IPX4 which means that in rain or shine, you can use it anywhere and anytime. 

Three LEDs allow for 8 Lumens of max output with up to 110 hours of light in strobe mode and 57 hours of light in the steady mode.

Why you will love it.

New colors and a new design bring new ways to light up your next run. It's a redesigned Strobe Light to keep you seen while you are out running on the trail or on the road. Small, lightweight, and LED bright, these colorful strobes clip on anywhere, so drivers, bikes, and other runners can see you everywhere. 


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