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My Medic Recon Standard



What we think

The one kit to rule them all.

This bag is as functional as the 250 life-saving items inside. The Recon packs everything you need so you’re protected wherever you roam. Upgraded features include new back-padding for comfort and function, stowable shoulder straps with seatbelt style webbing for various storage capabilities, quick access front pockets for trauma and everyday use items, flat lay and a fully modular organization system with interior mesh pockets, and much more.

The Recon takes the standard MyFAK up a notch with an expanded line up. This is “elevated first aid”. Ready for your adventure.

Key Features Include:

  • Hand-picked by first responders and medical pros
  • Durable materials made to military standards
  • Over 250 quality first-aid and trauma supplies in pro kits
  • HSA/FSA approved

The main difference is the Recon provides essentially double to triple of each “MOD” or set of first aid uses. So you get 2x kits for bleeding, topical needs, and more.


  • BLEEDING: Gauze, Superskin Patches, and Bandages
  • BURNS: Burn Gel
  • MED NEEDS: Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Diaphen, and more.
  • SPORT & OUTDOOR: Space Blankets, Blister Strips
  • TOPICAL: Saline, Antibiotic Ointment, Antiseptic, etc.
  • DEHYDRATION: Electrolytes, Water purification tablets
  • SPRAINS & FRACTURES: Splints, Cold Pack, Triangular Bandages
  • TOOLS & DEVICES: Thermometer, Whistle, Snips, Tweezer, Penlight, and more.


Height: 12.5 in

Width: 8.5 in

Depth: 7.25 in

Weight: 6.7 - 7.4 lbs

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