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My Medic Everyday Carry



What we think

The Ready Everyday First Aid Kit from My Medic is what everyone needs on hand.

This is perfect for our day-to-day minor injuries and covers all of the basics… and then some. What we love is how efficient and ergonomic it is for everyday use. Instead of digging through the closet or rummaging through your trunk, this pack is ideal to go where you do and can be whipped out in a hurry. It’s great for a couple of adventurers or your active family.

Key Features Include:

  • Folding page design for optimal organization
  • Color-coded, injury-specific MODs
  • Sleek, portable, water-resistant case
  • Straps on top and back of bag for enhanced functionality


  • BLEEDING: Rats Tourniquet, Quickclot
  • AIRWAY ISSUES: Chest Seals
  • TOOLS & DEVICES: Gloves, Ink Pen


Height: 9.5 in

Width: 9.5 in

Depth: 4 in

Weight: 2 lbs 1.7 oz

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