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One of the most iconic images of the Tour de France is the musette bag (or Feed bag) that riders grab from the side of the road and sling over their shoulders with their "Feed".

Some speculate the Musette skyrocketed in popularity after an incident in the 1935 Tour.

Julien Moineau arranged for a group of friends to set up in the "Feed Zone" table after table laden with cold beer to distract the peloton while he continued to the finishing line. Arriving 15 minutes ahead of the pack!

We believe this incident is what transformed the feed zone from a stop-and-go affair to the drive-ride-thru scenario that you see today.

To celebrate the Musette, we have an upgraded Feed Musette from what the riders use once to make it reusable and better for day-to-day usage.

The Feed Musette is a technical marvel in that it features a much heavier fabric, a more padded strap, and most importantly, includes a full-length zipper - making it perfect for on and off-the-bike usage.

I'm a slight connoisseur of musette bags, and when presented the opportunity to make our own, it resulted in over a dozen prototypes to make it perfect. You are receiving a super premium musette that was a labor of love.

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