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What we think

Muir offers gels that are specifically unique, and are like no other!

Let's put it this way… Muir took a look at what's out on the market and decided to challenge that and create some of the most unique gels on the market.

Why do we love these?

First, they only use 4-6 ingredients for all of its products. Not only is the ingredients list short, but it is also 100% Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo Friendly and Non-GMO. With the quality of the ingredients used to make these gels, these are basically packed with great nutrition. You’re basically getting sustainable energy, and lots of nutrients.

These gels also contain 150-150kcals per 30g serving, which is 15%-50% more than any other energy gel. 

Options? Muir Energy offers two types:

  1. Fast burning - These are great for a quick pick-me-up while putting out some energy. They're packing >20g of carbs.
  2. Slow burning - These are your best friends for a slower/more sustainable type of energy. Usually <20g of carbs.

Each gel also has 100mg of sodium, which is great for hydration and cramp prevention!

Why do I want them?

We tried these gels and came to conclusions that they are unbelievably good, and unlike any other gels we’ve ever had. That’s because they are ALL NATURAL! No unwanted ingredients.

Feed Fave: This one was tough, but we’re gonna have to side with Passionfruit Pineapple Banana!

How to use them:

We take Muir Energy Gels when we're on the verge of bonking. Great to stash away in the jersey pocket or in your gear bag for that extra boost when you need it.

Try the MATE flavors if you are looking for that extra kick!  Mate has 90mg of caffeine

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