Muir Energy



What we think

Muir is an energy gel like no other.  They looked at what was on the market and decided to make it better.  How you ask?  Muir Energy uses only 4-6 ingredients for all of its products. That's it!  Muir Energy is 100% Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-free and non-GMO.  Muir Energy is loaded with nutrition. For example, each serving contains 290-350mg of Potassium. Comparable to eating a small banana!  Muir Energy's taste. You will have to decide for yourself, but everybody who's tried it says it is unbelievably good, unlike any other gel you have tasted. 

Muir Energy contains 115-150 calories per 30g serving - 15%-50% more than other energy gels.

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How We Use It

We take Muir Energy Gels when we're on the verge of bonking!  Great to stash away in the jersey pocket or in your gear bag for that extra boost when you need it.  Try the MATE flavors if you are looking for that extra kick!  Mate has 90mg of caffeine.  Giddy up!

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