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MUD\WTR :Rise and Rest Bundle




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MUD\WTR :rise and :rest Bundle

This bundle pack gets you one of each product (:rise and :rest) in their 30-serving tins.  

MUD\WTR :rise and :rest bundles are becoming ever popular with athletes who are looking for a complete solution to replace their coffee habit with a more health-promoting drink and then end their day with a calming, relaxing, blend to support a more restorative sleep. 

The :rise:

:rise is MUD/WTR’s answer to coffee dependence and jitters, without relinquishing your morning ritual, focus, and wakefulness. The :rise product centers around a masala chai tea extract with a dynamic flavor profile, 1/7th the caffeine of a premium cup of coffee, and is full of antioxidant properties.

Paired with the masala chai is a mix of functional mushrooms including lion’s mane that supports focus, chaga and reishi to support immunity and inflammation, and cordyceps to promote natural energy and stamina.

There is a kick of turmeric and cinnamon for additional antioxidant support and cacao for mood support. Similar to traditional yerba mate, :rise mud can be topped off with hot water for re-steeping throughout the day.

The :rest:

The :rest product’s foundation is an organic extract of rooibos, a South African tea, blended with traditional chai spices (including turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, coriander, black pepper, nutmeg, and clove) for a caffeine-free version of the traditional, tasty, spicy chai you know and love. 

What makes :rest different from an ordinary chai is the blend of potent adaptogens (valerian root, passionflower, ashwagandha, and chamomile extracts) and mushrooms (turkey tail and reishi mushrooms) that work together to help your body better adapt to stress help ease you into a restful state.

How does it taste:

:rise: :rise is an earthy, full-bodied chai with a hint of a chocolatey flavor. The drink has a very slight spice and is velvety when blended well. 

:rest: :rest tastes like a spicy, cinnamon-forward chai. It is smooth and has notes of chamomile. 

How We Use It:

:rise: Add a tablespoon of :rise to your favorite mug, add 12 fl. oz. of hot water until you reach your desired taste, and stir well. Like coffee, mud is supposed to be a part of your morning ritual—something unique to all of us.

Whether you like it “black” or with a shot of espresso, make your :rise your own! While we might use some oat milk and agave, you might enjoy your :rise mud with half & half and a dash of honey.

Pair with MUD/WTR’s :creamer or :sweetener, or any of your other favorite coffee add-ins. Enjoy your morning ritual with :rise and have a fantastic day.

:rest: Add a tablespoon of :rest to your favorite mug, add 12 fl. oz. of hot water until you reach your desired taste, and stir well. Do you drink your tea with milk and sugar? Give that a go! Feel free to spend some time experimenting with the :rest to water ratio, different combinations of sweeteners, and milk alternatives. Make your :rest mud your own! Then carry on with your calming nightly routine.


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