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 Hydration so you don't Die in Your Next Workout:

Mortal Hydration is here to make sure you do not die in your next workout, at least not from thirst, or from flavor boredom. Yes, you read this right, flavor boredom. This is actually becoming a rising problem among athletes, that their hydration has a meek, water-down flavor that is killing their taste buds. 

To combat this underwhelming flavor problem athletes are making a fatal mistake: over scooping their hydration. Don’t worry, we have all done it, adding an extra scoop or extra 2 scoops to make your hydration tastes better, bolder, and more refreshing. 

But what is the deadly consequence of “over scooping?” 

  • For one, it starts to get a little expensive. Instead of getting an average of 20 servings or 20 full water bottles of hydration you may only get 10-12 workouts in trying to make your hydration taste better. 
  • GI distress happens when you are not consuming the right proportion of electrolytes to sugar to water. What tends to happen when you over-scoop your hydration is you add much more sugar than you actually need and the ratio to water means it sits in your gut instead of being absorbed. 

Mortal Hydration: Your Solution to Fight Death

Mortal Hydration is one of the few hydrations out there that is optimized to be a bold, refreshing flavor that works perfectly in a 22oz or a 26oz bottle, meaning you don’t risk death by overscooping trying to get that desired spike in taste. 

But there is more - a hot trend in hydration is adjustable sodium levels. Mortal is the first hydration we have found to offer a range of 450mg (regular flavors) of sodium to 920mg of (salty flavors). Our recommendation is for a normal workout, go with regular. Doing a more intense workout go with a salty for 1,000 more electrolytes. 

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