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Momentous Essential Multi




What we think

A Multivitamin that supports athletes’ nutritional needs!

Sports have a tremendous impact on our bodies that depletes vitamins and mineral levels that are essential for basic bodily functions. With that in mind, your drug store multivitamin does not meet the vitamin and mineral levels that an athletic body needs, due to lack of dosage or supplement source. Momentous formulated their multivitamin to provide a strong and complete base of nutrients for anyone looking to stay healthy and round out their diet. Momentous Multivitamin provides key vitamins and minerals in levels that correspond to a diverse, nutrient-dense diet by using ingredients sourced in their bioidentical forms!

Get more out of every serving with Essential Multi!

Key nutrients and benefits:

Vitamin K1 & K2

Critical to calcium absorption and health of bones and arteries.

2000 IU Vitamin D 

A generous dose for a multivitamin! 250% of your RDA per serving and/or 63% in each capsule.

Chelated Minerals

Chromium, selenium, and manganese provided in their most bioavailable forms.


Resveratrol, quercetin, broccoli seed extract, which are scarce in western diets.

Essential Multi is a must, especially if you’re experiencing:

  • Fatigue/low energy during training
  • Frequent cold/flu due to low immunity during periods of high training volume
  • Slower recovery as you age
  • Lack of motivation to train
  • Unexplained decline in athletic performance

How We Use It:

We like to take 4 capsules per day with meals! We recommend dividing those 4 capsules throughout the day for optimal nutrient absorption.

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