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Momentous Collagen Shot




What we think

Have you ever taken collagen as part of your training routine? 

This is one of those little changes that you can make that will change your performance and recovery game moving forward. Momentous Collagen Shot is designed to make it easy for you to take collagen as part of your preparation to workout routine. Now, why is this such an important part of your training and recovery?

It helps strengthen your tendons, ligaments, joints and soft tissues!

Studies have shown that taking collagen before training increases collagen production in tendons and ligaments. Additionally, taking collagen + Vitamin C helps increase collagen production into your joints and soft tissues as well. This helps protect and strengthen your musculoskeletal system, especially during training.

A healthy musculoskeletal system can make a huge difference in overall performance & recovery!

Momentous Collagen Shot is your secret best friend. It’s a super small addition to your daily routine that can make a huge difference in your joint health. This shot contains 10g of collagen and 35mg Vitamin C. It is small, convenient and has all the ingredients it needs for proper collagen production.  The source of the collagen derives from Type I and Type III collagen.  Momentous states - "Clinical evidence shows consuming collagen 30-60 minutes before training increases collagen synthesis in tendons and ligaments."

Not to mention… You get 10g of protein in a yummy orange-mango collagen gel!

How We Use It: 

We like to take 2 shots of Momentous Collagen 30-60 minutes before training. We also like to take 1 shot on our non-training days to maintain collagen production.

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