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Momentous Essential Grass-Fed Whey Protein




What we think

AbsoluteZero Grass-Fed Whey had us hooked the day the samples hit our door!  Here at The Feed we've been paying attention to this brand for some time as elite athletes and pro teams around the world are singing it's praises. 

This is their all-occasion protein shake that tastes so good you'll be drooling over your shaker bottle and wondering how many is too many.

Momentous uses the highest quality whey protein on the market, period. It's a single-source, grass-fed whey isolates that's cold-processed to preserve native protein structures, then further optimized with clinically-proven ProHydrolase enzyme blend allowing an unparalleled level of digestion and absorption of amino acids.

Creamy and delicious, it mixes smooth and tastes great in water, almond milk, smoothies and other recipes. Did we mention that it's backed by NSF and Informed-Sport certified?NSF Certified for Sport and Informed-Sport Certified. This day an age the little things matter and small certifications like those mean something to athletes like us.  Also to be noted this Grass Fed Whey is Gluten - Wheat and Soy free.  Bring on the workouts!

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How We Use It

We like this product for post workout recovery! Our muscles crave Momentous once we have finished some of our harder sessions. Due to it's delicious and rich taste, this plant protein powder can simply be added to water for quick, naturally sourced protein. We love adding this Protein to a smoothies to give them an extra protein boost!

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