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Momentous Essential Plant-Based Protein




What we think

A plant based protein for all day use?  Count us in!  Plant based proteins have been all the rage these past few years and have to say Momentous has knocked it out of the plant based park with these tasty flavors!  Amongst the litany of plant based products out there these have the top step for a number of reasons.

One thing we are critical about here at The Feed is taste.  It always has to taste good.  Well....almost always.  We know there are some things out there that can't taste like biting into a candy bar.  Momentous had us craving for more days after they dropped off their samples for the staff to try.  So what makes this protein so amazing and did we mention they were NSF Certified, non-GMO and free of dairy, soy, and gluten ingredients?  Too good to be true?  It's not shocking that NFL, NBA and other teams are onto this brand and creating a buzz in the protein category.  Momentous carefully blends a mixture of pea protein isolate with rice protein concentrate to enable a unparalleled taste.  They also have an amazing mix of amino acids to help balance out this protein

Feed's Fave: Piedmont Chocolate

How We Use It

We like this product for post workout recovery! Our muscles crave Momentous once we have finished some of our harder sessions. Due to it's delicious and rich taste, this plant protein powder can simply be added to water for quick, naturally sourced protein. We love adding this Protein to a smoothies to give them an extra protein boost!


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