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Total Gut Restoration Kits with (Mega Pre Capsules OR Mega Pre Powder)

If you’re looking for a regimen to help renew your gut, you’re in the right place for it! Microbiome’s Total Gut Restoration Kit is an advanced 3-month protocol to support and restore your gut health. This protocol contains a triple-threat of three unique supplements that work together to support a healthy gut and maintain a harmonious microbial ecosystem in your gut lining. There are 2 options available for this kit. You can choose either the Capsule regimen or a Powder based regimen.

The Total Gut Restoration Kit Includes...

1 | Megasporebiotic

Megasporebiotic is an incredibly diverse probiotic that reconditions your microbiome and out competes pathogens. Megasporebiotic promotes diversity and helps to maintain health promoting bacteria within the gut.

1 | Mega Pre

MegaPre is expertly designed to fuel the beneficial bacteria in your gut, and specifically the microbial changes created by MegaSporeBiotic. Using this prebiotic regularly will provide the fuel your gut needs to function optimally. Your populations of beneficial gut bacteria can be reduced by stress, diet, glyphosate, and other factors. MegaPre Prebiotic provides non-digestible fibers that will keep your gut bacteria fueled up and healthy!

1 | Mega Mucosa

The mucosal barrier plays a key role in immune function, and is considered your first line of defense against pathogens. Mega Mucosa is formulated to support a healthy mucosal barrier and immune system, in more ways than one! Dairy free immunoglobulins support healthy digestion and detoxification, while Key amino acids support mucin production, resulting in a healthy and thick Mucosal Barrier. MicrobiomeX® is a citrus extract that further promotes optimal gut barrier function.

Dosing Protocol:

Step 1 - Recondition with Megasporebiotic

  • Week 1 - Take 1 capsule every other day
  • Week 2 - Take 1 capsule daily
  • Week 3 & 4 - Take 2 capsules daily
  • Continue taking 2 capsules through step 2, and 3.

** Take with a meal**

Step 2 - Reinforce with Mega Pre Capsules OR Powder 

  • Week 5 - Take 3 capsules daily OR 1 scoop with 16oz of water
  • Week 6-8 - Take 6 capsules daily  OR 1 scoop with 16oz of water
  • Continue taking through step 3

** Take with or without a meal**

Step 3 - Rebuild with Mega Mucosa

  • Week 9 - Add ½ scoop to 16 oz of water daily
  • Week 10-12+ - Add 1 scoop to 16 oz of water daily

** Take with or without a meal**


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