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Maurten Variety Pack


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You may have seen the iconic black and white packages of Maurten's Gels. Championing their hydrogel technology, they've made a big impact on the sports nutrition world.

Then, they launched the Maurten Solid 225. It is a bar, but we aren't allowed to call it a bar because it's so much more. Packed with 44g of easy-to-digest carbs, it's the ideal solid race and training fuel.

The Limited Edition Maurten Sampler Pack is filled with everything from Maurten to give you a taste of their legendary products.

Here is what you are getting in the Maurten Sampler Pack.

  • 2x Maurten SOLID 225 - Basic Flavor 
  • 2x Maurten SOLID 225 - Cacao Flavor 
  • 2x Maurten Gel 100 
  • 2x Maurten Gel 100 CAF 100 
  • 2x Maurten Drink Mix 320 
  • 2x Maurten Drink Mix 160 
  • 1x Maurten 500ml Bottle 

As background, Maurten is a relatively new player in sports nutrition. With a biotech background and coming from Sweden, Maurten has become the most talked about brand in sports nutrition over the past few years.

The secret to Maurten is high-carb fueling. Some would even say that Maurten is leading the movement towards high-carb fueling. Maurten's products enable athletes to consume more carbs per hour than ever thought possible (over 100g per hour at the World Tour level) without any stomach upset.

Maurten has a complete system of drinks, gels, and bars so you can mix products to fit the needs of your events and preferences to get the total carbs per hour you need (hint, aim for a minimum of 80g per hour).

The impact on your training will be profound. In just your first run or ride over 90 minutes, you will feel a meaningful difference when you are doing high-carb fueling. 

How to Use It:

Be careful about how much water you use for the drink mix and pay attention to the details.  They specify that 17oz or 500ml is the amount you are looking for. Maurten is careful to say that the functionality of this ratio is key for it to work well. Also, make sure you shake well until the solution dissolves. 

Additionally, add the gels and bars to your standard fueling protocol to compliment your needs. The gels offer another 25g of carbs and the bars another 44g!

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