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Low on Iron? Feeling fatigued and low on energy? Well you're in luck!

The lucky Iron Fish provides a simple way of putting Iron back into your body. Forget all Iron pills and other flashy products. It’s reusable time and time again. The Lucky Iron Fish lasts five years, and It’s an affordable way to provide iron to your whole family.

Simply drop the fish into the pot or pan for 10 minutes and you're all set! It’s easy on your stomach and provides the essential Iron you need for your health. Boost energy levels and increase cognitive functions, so you can focus on crushing the long bike rides or hikes! Not feeling lucky? Head over to The Feed! The lucky Iron Fish will bring all the luck you need.

How we use it: Coach Harrison recommends using the Lucky Iron Fish to cook homemade tomato sauce. The Vitamin C in the tomatoes will increase your absorption of the Iron!

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