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Liquid IV Energy Multiplier




What we think

Liquid IV is one of the newer hydration products on the market, and it is awesome! Their formula uses the breakthrough science of Cellular Transport Technology (CTT), which is based on an optimal ratio of ingredients that help hydrate you faster. 

Just like it sounds, Energy Multiplier is the perfect formula to help provide sustained energy throughout the day. It contains 100mg of fast acting, natural caffeine, which is about the equivalent of 1-2 cups of coffee but without the energy crash.

Liquid IV sources premium ingredients to ensure their products are clean and simple, so you get the hydration you need without ingredients that you don't. So what's in their Energy Multiplier formula? All of these awesome ingredients:
  • Mined salt: provides essential electrolytes lost through sweat and is necessary for optimal water absorption
  • Pure cane sugar: works with the salt to improve water absorption
  • Sodium citrate: a salt from citric acid that provides tartness to balance out the sweetness
  • Dextrose: provides a form of glucose that works to improve absorption of the nutrients in the formula 
  • Premium organic matcha: naturally caffeinated powder made from hand-selected Japanese green tea leaves. Provides clean burning energy without the crash
  • Guayusa: naturally caffeinated tea from the supercharged Amazonian holly tree that provides consistent, all-day energy
  • Vitamin C: important for tissue repair, improving immune function, and fighting off illnesses. This formula has more vitamin C than an orange!
  • Ground ginger: provides powerful antioxidants and helps support digestion
  • B Vitamins: help support energy production and healthy cellular function
  • Potassium citrate: an electrolyte that helps maintain fluid balance, carry nutrients into the bloodstream, and help prevent cramping. This formula has more potassium than a banana!
  • Dipotassium phosphate: water soluble electrolyte that helps with rapid hydration
  • Silicon dioxide: made from natural materials from the crust of the earth that help produce a consistent and smooth powder
  • Stevia leaf extract: extracted from the stevia leaf to provide a no calorie sweetener
  • Natural flavors: extracted from fruits, vegetables, roots, and other natural sources
Another awesome thing about Liquid IV is that their company is dedicated to giving back and environmental sustainability. With every Liquid IV purchase, they donate a serving to communities in need, such as those impacted by natural disasters. They are also working towards more responsible packaging while reducing the social and environmental impact of their operations.

Free from gluten, soy, dairy, GMO's, and artificial flavors, and vegan friendly, this formula provides clean and long lasting energy to get you through the day!

How We Use It:
Mix with 12 oz. of water, shake, and drink when you need a midday pick me up or have a long day ahead!

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