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Laird Superfood Prebiotic Daily Greens




What we think

Getting your daily vitamins and minerals just became so much easier, and more delicious.

Filled with 22 superfood ingredients, the Daily Prebiotic Greens blend is one of our favorite new additions to the Laird Superfood family.

The system that regulates our gut is often called the body's “second brain” because it is so critical to bodily function. Add on heavy training load and daily stressors and you have a recipe for dysregulation. That’s why we love this daily green.

It's filled with a blend of fruits, vegetables, adaptogens and prebiotics needed to support a healthy gut and optimal daily nutrition. Along with that, it's one of the best tasting greens on the market.


  • Excellent source of calcium and vitamins C, D, K and B12
  • Good source of Fiber, Manganese and Magnesium
  • Prebiotic benefits to support the gut
  • 22 Superfood ingredients like: mushrooms, sweet potato, kale, blueberry...

How to Use It:

Add 2 Tablespoons to your glass or cup, add 8-12 oz of water and mix. Enjoy! 

It's great as a daily starter supplement.


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