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Laird Superfood Plant Based Protein Bars


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What we think

This real-food protein bar delivers the classic tastes you love with the added power of plants, fibers, and mushrooms. 

It's not just sugar and calories, this protein bar utilizes Laird's special superfood mix that makes them a whole lot more nutritious. They insisted this bar not only taste delicious, but be a true source of energy and recovery for anything the day might bring. 

But as they are like us, and always on the go, Laird and Gabby needed a bar that could hold up in a pocket or a bag and provide a protein boost whenever they need – not just some calories and fillers. This bar delivers. Wherever you are headed, coming from, or whatever "wave" you are riding, this protein bar is the perfect reliable protein snack.


  • Filled with 10 grams of plant-based protein
  • Filled with 6 grams of fiber
  • Added adaptogens and functional mushrooms 
  • Pocket-sized fuel you can easily take with you anywhere.

How to Use It:

This is best used post-workout, during an outdoor adventure, or around the office when you need a reliable protein-filled snack.

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