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Laird Superfood Plant-Based Protein


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Meet your protein goals and fuel your body with Laird's Superfood Protein.

This delicious and natural blend contains a variety of superfoods to help power your body, including vegan plant-based proteins, prebiotic fiber, and adaptogens! Enjoy all the benefits of the superfoods along with your protein, with no mess or fuss.

Protein is a must. We know if can be hard to meet your needs without the hassle of meal prepping, estimating, etc. You can transform your favorite beverage into a protein-packed supplement in no-time with this mix.


  • 21 grams of plant-based, vegan protein per serving
  • Supplemental protein may support skeletal muscle strength and recovery
  • The ingredient astragalus is known to activate immune cells
  • Prebiotic fiber helps nourish your gut
  • Excellent Source of Iron
  • Excellent Source of Protein

How to Use It:

Add ⅓ cup of powder to your glass, fill with 12 ounces of water/milk/drink of choice.

Shake or stir and enjoy! These are best after a workout or mixed into your morning smoothie for a protein bump.


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