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Laird Superfood Morning Jumpstart


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What we think

The decisions we make early in the day are important. They set the tone for the entire day and put you on a path to steady energy... or for a crash and burn.

With 5 simple ingredients, Morning Jumpstart is the easiest decision you can make to start your day out right!

So why start your day with lemon, cayenne and ginger? This combo is a great way to boost vitamin C, support the gut, and get your systems online. Often we grab a coffee or snack first thing, but that may not be the best for our adrenals.

They include the lemons for a Vit. C bump, the ginger as a stomach friendly botanical, and add cayenne for its quick hit of heat to get your body moving in the morning! Lucuma is a nice addition to help provide natural sweetness and cut the bits of the citrus and spices.

How to Use It:

Add 2 tsp of mix to your glass (trust us, add the powder first!). Then, add 12 oz. hot or cold water. Due to lack of additives, some of the ingredients may settle to the bottom. Simply stir or shake and enjoy!


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