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Your morning breakfast routine is about to get a major upgrade.

I'm very excited to share the best morning superfood shake I've ever tried. I liked it so much, we bought the company.

I've struggled for years to find the perfect breakfast routine. I would either be left too full to get in a good workout or I would run out of energy just as my workout was getting good.

Then I found Kyoku. I started blending one Kyoku shake at breakfast with oat milk. It was game-changing for me.

- I was satiated well until the afternoon,
- I was fully fueled for my day and my workouts
- I had no cravings to snack or binge later in the day.
- I probably increased my daily vegetable intake by 400%

The real impact was in my workouts. Kyoku shake fueled me for multi-hour workouts with no hunger during or after. 

To learn more, I tested my body's glucose response for a month wearing my Supersapians Continous Glucose Monitor. After a Kyoku shake, I had almost no insulin spike and would maintain stable blood glucose levels for hours afterward.

The best part, it tasted great. For the record, I'm not exactly a big "veggie" kind of guy, and I loved the flavor.

I wasn't joking when I said I bought the company. I knew this was something that we had to make available to every Feed Athlete.

What's in Kyoku?

Kyoku is made from 16 different superfoods including:

Greens: Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Green Pepper
Carbs & Protein: ChickPea, Peas, Brown Rice, Hemp Seeds, Sweet Potatoes, and Chia Seeds
Performance: Black Pepper, Beet Root, Ashwagandha
Recovery: Turmeric, Tart Cherry, Quercetin from Apples.

What is crazy is the Kyoku team didn't look at the price. They focused on a ridiculously high-quality product above all else. The result a product like no other in the market, albeit an expensive one.

Kyoku's price is what made me fall in love with it.

I think about it this way: Kyoku is my primary fuel for more than half my day, this is not where I'm trying to save a few dollars to have lower-quality ingredients. I want the best I can get, regardless of price.

As a business decision, this was probably a terrible idea on Kyoku's part. All of the other superfood / green shake companies have ingredients that cost a fraction of the price of Kyoku and as result, these companies also make crazy profits.

As an athlete and daily user, Kyoku's decision to only get the best ingredients regardless of price and profit was the right decision in my book.

The Kyoku Process

As I learned more about Kyoku, I was constantly amazed at the attention to detail the team spent on every single ingredient.

The Kyoku team hand-picked farms for each fruit and vegetable, flash froze them on site and then used a heating process to dehydrate each ingredient. From here it is blended and mixed into what you get in each Kyoku packet.

It is a time-consuming and very expensive process, but the result is an honest product with honest to goodness amazing ingredients.

How to use Kyoku

You can use Kyoku any time of day, but I prefer it as part of my morning routine. I like to blend it with 14 oz of Oat Milk and a handful of ice. Every now and then I will add a tablespoon of Almond Butter.

Dr. Kevin Sprouse, who help me vet Kyoku before we purchased it, likes to use Kyoku at lunch between a busy schedule with patients and when he is traveling, he just packed up his back for the Tour de France with a bunch of Kyoku.

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