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Koyah Organic Fruit and Veggie Powders




What we think

When friends of ours (through being a past vendor with us) reached out and said they had moved onto greener pastures we took note.  And quite literally they were "Greener" with the product line they were introducing to us.  Koyah's concept is quite simple and many try to mimic it but ultimately their product and their story sold us why we should carry some of their line.  

Koyah says "Each one of our organic fruit & veggie powders are 100% freeze-dried to ensure they retain the highest amount of nutrition possible. They take no prep, create no waste, and are shelf stable. Just one pure ingredient with no additives or fillers of any kind. Always WHOLE-FOOD. Always ORGANIC. Never GMO. Simply add them to your favorite smoothies, soups, sauces, baked goods & anything else."  To good to be true?  We think not.  The proof is in the pudding....we mean powder!  Did we mention some of The Feed's loyal testers (our kids) love this stuff?

Thumbs up all around this office!

Feed's Faves: Kale and Raspberry - A lil' of both!

How We Use It

We like to add Koyah to our morning smoothies, orange juice, or even just plain water. It's a great way to get in fruit and veggies on the go or to sneak them into anything (for those of us with picky kids, this is a huge plus!).


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