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Klean Athlete Focus




What we think

How focussed are you on your training goals?  Does your mind wander?  Do you have "life" things in the way?  We get it.  We have all been there and sometimes that additional mental edge is a wonderful thing for one's training sessions.  Enter Klean Focus.

Klean says that "Focus is specially formulated to help athletes dial in their mental game and keep it as strong as their physical one. The antioxidants provide cognitive support by assisting mitochondrial function and neurotransmitter production, while Alpha-GPC helps to protect cellular membranes. In addition, lutein helps support visual acuity, which is key to the body’s ability to adapt, process, and respond in the moment."

Are you ready to be on point and sharp as a tack?  We know we love to be on top of our mental game.  Get your FOCUS ON!

How We Use It

Take 2 tablets, twice daily or as directed by a trainer, coach, or health professional.

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