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Klean Athlete Vitamin D 5000 IU




What we think

Regardless of the circumstances, we know you athletes are committed to knocking out their training, pushing themselves through rain or shine, early mornings or late evenings. That's where vitamin D comes in, offering a big game-changer for athletes.

Klean-D is a premium supplement packed with natural vitamin D3. Specifically designed to cater to athletes who primarily train indoors or have limited access to natural sunlight, Klean-D provides an amazing opportunity to keep up with one of the most important vitamins there are.

Why Vitamin D?

Vitamin D supplementation has been linked to several benefits that directly impact athletes. By improving the quality, frequency, and duration of your training sessions, it allows you to reach your peak potential. Additionally, it aids in faster muscle recovery, ensuring that you bounce back stronger after intense workouts.

But that's not all—vitamin D plays a crucial role in supporting immune health, a vital aspect for athletes. It helps to strengthen your musculoskeletal system, contributing to stronger bones and overall physical performance.

5000 IU

When you choose Klean-D 5000, you are getting a whopping 5000 IU of vitamin D3 per tablet of natural vitamin D3. Ideal for the winter months, especailly. So, no matter the weather conditions or limited sunlight exposure, you can confidently maintain optimal levels of this essential vitamin. 

How to Use It:

Take one tablet daily, and because Vit. D is a fat soluble vitamin, it's helpful to take this with a fat-containing meal.

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