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Klean Athlete Preworkout




What we think

You may ask yourself, "What is with pre-workouts, and do I need one?"

When food and basic meal planning alone falls short, athletes turn to the vast array of pre-workout options available. Among them, Klean Pre-Workout stands out as an ideal formula that can take your next workout up a notch.

Pre-workouts can be a key component to preparing your brain and body for hard work. They're designed to piggyback the natural shifts that take place in your body when going into a hard workout or event and help prime you for the work at hand.

Why this Pre-workout?

Featuring 300mg of standardized nitrates sourced from beet root extract, along with vitamin C and a subtle 75mg of organic caffeine (less than the average cup of coffee), Klean Pre-Workout is tailored to support enhanced athletic performance and protect against free radical damage. The inclusion of caffeine can be a game-changer, helping athletes steer clear of the mid-workout slump by promoting focus, alertness, and endurance.

But Klean Pre-Workout goes above the bar. It's crafted it with a delicious natural lemon tea flavor, providing a clean and refreshing taste that athletes can enjoy (not a nasty aftertaste). 

How to Use It:

Take one serving of pre-workout roughly 30min prior to your workout or race. Mix with 12-16oz of water and enjoy the boost!


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