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Collagen is taking the nutrition world by storm. From promises of healthier skin, hair, and nails, to improved tissue health, there seems to be a lot of reasons to incorporate it into your fueling routine! Klean took the current evidence based research that shows 15 grams of collagen combined with 50 mg of vitamin C can improve tissue health, and turned it into this awesome Collagen + Vitamin C powder!

With the athletic and active lifestyle comes wear and tear on the body. Joints, connective tissue, and bones are strained by training, and if they aren't cared for properly, over time this can lead to sidelining injuries. Research has shown that supplementation with collagen peptides helps regenerate cartilage and support healthy collagen production in order to protect your cartilage and connective tissues. 

Vitamin C in combination with certain amino acids found in the collagen peptides can further help increase tissue synthesis after exercise. Together, these nutrients have been shown in research to help athletes come back stronger from injuries such ACL tears or achilles tendon issues, and to prevent other soft tissue injuries that pop up from heavy use. Protect your health, performance and mobility by adding this NSF certified collagen supplement from Klean to your recovery routine!

How We Use It:
Dissolve one scoop into 8-10 oz. of water and drink after a workout or before a weight lifting or rehab session in order to get the most from your recovery.  

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